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The Company Ownership and Management of Addit BV

Velmans Industries Holding BV is the shareholder of Addit Sp. z o.o. and Addit BV.

Addit Sp.z o.o is situated in Wegrow, Poland. Both companies work closely together and use each other’s capacities and capabilities, as suited to the individual needs of the customer.

Supervisory board 

Jan Velmans


Jan Velmans

Jan Velmans was managing an industrial company before he started Addmetal BV in 1984.
He has acted in a wide range of functions.
Jan Velmans studied finance and administration. 

Board of Directors 

Peter Kerstjens, Technical Director

Peter Kerstjens
Managing Director

Peter Kerstjens has worked for the company since 1988.
He was Manager of Purchasing and Logistic, Production and Marketing & Sales and he is the Managing Director since 01.10.2007.
Peter Kerstjens holds a Bachelor's Degree in management science.

Jeroen Meulendijks, Technical Director

Jeroen Meulendijks
Technical Director

Jeroen Meulendijks has worked in company since 1996.
He had various technical positions in our company.
Jeroen Meulendijks holds a Master's Degree in mechanical engineering.


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