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The Company History

In 1984 Jan S.T.Velmans founded Addmetal BV in Venlo, The Netherlands, specialised in supplying sheet metal parts and assemblies.


The companies Addit BV (System Supplier), Addpro BV (Engineering & Prototyping) and Addware BV (Electronics & Embedded Software) were founded in the period 1989/2001.


In 1995 in Poland Addmetal Sp. z o.o. was founded; since 2004 the company is named Addit Sp. z o.o.


Since 2005 in The Netherlands all activities are concentrated in 1 company:


Addit BV, Contract Manufacturer


In 30 years we have developed from a supplier of sheet metal parts to a Contract Manufacturer who supplies from a single component up to completed apparatuses and machines.


Addit, one stop shopping!



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