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Addit supplies to customers in a wide range of business areas.


However, many machines, equipment and systems in these business areas have similar characteristics.

Such similar characteristics can be found in the field of “Paperhandling in machines and apparatuses” and in the field of  “Racks/cabinets, housings, chassis, frames and machine coverings”.

So, at one hand how paper has to be put into machines and transported through the machine etc. and what constructions and materials are needed and at the other hand how racks/cabinets need to be engineered to guarantee earthquake-resistance, how housings need to be engineered in order to be radiation and conduction protected and how chassis need to be engineered in order to meet the mechanical requirements for machines and apparatuses.


During the past 24 years we have accumulated application know how about paper handling, documents, mailings or banknotes input in machines, transport it through the machine, fold it, stack it, staple it or even destroy banknotes of a bad quality as a final operation of a machine.


Addit has acquired in the past 24 years the know-how about complex metal frame structures, racks, cabinets, enclosures and coverings.

We know how to engineer, not only for cost-effectiveness of manufacturing, but also to fulfil the requirements of, for instance, air circulation, earthquake resistance, radiation and conduction.

Enclosure systems and coverings protect the electronics from the environment, while also protecting the environment from electronic emissions.


We are familiar with the safeguard aspects of gambling and vending machines.


Irrespective of products are being engineered in mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium, we have the suitable expertise and experience.


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