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Manufacturing Modules and Completed Products



Addit has developed relationships of trust with suppliers of tooling, parts, components, (application) systems, surface treatments and services in the total supply chain. Our suppliers are located in Western, Central, Eastern Europe and in China.


We cooperate with several strategic partners especially in the fields of surface treatments, cable assemblies, printed circuit boards and embedded software.


Assembling and Testing 


We purchase the machined parts, the plastic parts, the extruded parts, the cable assemblies, the printed circuit boards an so on, and assemble these parts and components to systems such as paper input modules and equipment racks, but also to completed products like gambling and vending machines.


Poka Yoke: To avoide inadvertent errors we use methodes to prevent errors to force the correct completion of the assembling and testing processes.


Addit supplies integrated and tested systems, equipment and machines.




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