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Manufacturing Precision Sheet Metal Parts and Products

Sheet metal manufacturing of  high mix, low volume” sheet metal parts and products have been our strategic technical process from the beginning. From 1 piece up to quantity production.


An important part of our production processes are highly automated:


Sheets are fully automatically fed to the laser-cutting, punching and combined laser-cutting/punching machines.


Presses are equipped with sheet metal handling robots and decoil equipment. Tooling is automatically changed within 10 minutes.


90% of the bending machines is servo electronic driven, have the most modern tooling system and CAM software. 


Inserting machines are numerically controlled to prevent missing inserts.


Each spot weld made with our spot and projection welding machines is monitored. Surface treatments like nickel plating are not damaged.


Our welders and robots weld at the highest technical level. Our welders are all officially certificated and our officially qualified welding engineer guarantees continuous quality performance.


To manufacture wide format paper-feed-systems within very narrow flatness tolerances, we glue sheet-metal parts, using a specially designed gluing machine. The respective parts are being clamped by electromagnets. This process enables us to glue different types of steel, as e. g. nickel plated together with galvanised sheet-metal. 


To assemble the defence consoles of naval radar equipment, which have to resist over 10 G forces as a result of explosions, we first glue and then rivet the aluminium parts.


Starting with the combined laser-cutting and punching machines we are able to manufacture 1 piece and small series flexibly at minimal costs.


The range of presses up to 4000 kN, in combination with tooling, supplied by a well-established Chinese tool shop, enables us to manufacture larger quantities, also at competitive prices.


Lean manufacturing, one piece flow manufacturing, SMED, manufacturing lines for special products and others, are all systems we use to optimize logistics and realize cost-effective production.


Addit has one of the biggest sheet metal manufacturing capacities in Europe.




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